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Meet Sid the Bulldog

Sid is the Western Bulldogs’ real-life Bulldog mascot and a very important member of the red, white and blue family.

Sid attends every home match played at Etihad Stadium and loves to meet and greet all Bulldogs supporters so if you see Sid, make sure you stop for a photo and give him a pat.


Name: Sid

Lives: The West

Favourite Holiday Destination: Footscray End of Etihad Stadium

Date of Birth: 17 / 07 / 2008

Breed: British Bulldog

Likes: Spending time with Bulldogs supporters, watching the team play at Etihad Stadium, selfies and pats.

Dislikes: Off-season

Want to meet Sid? Western Bulldogs supporters have the opportunity to meet Sid in the Footscray End (Gate 7) at all home matches played at Etihad Stadium.