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Nominate to receive a Bulldogs membership from those that have 'Paid It Forward'

Bob pays it forward Robert Murphy shares the gift of Bulldogs membership and asks you to do the same.
Western Bulldogs fans are seen during the 2015 AFL Round 02 match between the Richmond Tigers and the Western Bulldogs at the MCG, Melbourne on April 11, 2015. (Photo: Justine Walker/AFL Media)
Nominate someone to be considered to receive a Bulldogs Membership as part of the 'Pay It Forward" membership campaign.

Do you know someone in need of a boost? Someone that would cherish the gift of Bulldogs membership?

The support of the Club’s ‘Pay It Forward’ membership campaign has been significant, and the time has come for the circle of generosity by the Bulldogs community to be completed.

The Club was recently contacted by a loyal interstate Bulldog who has taken part in the ‘Pay It Forward’ campaign.

His letter encapsulated the sentiment of the campaign, and has kicked-started the second phase of giving. The member wrote:

Thanks for your help regarding the two Premium General Admission Tickets.  I am a Bulldogs supporter through and through but unfortunately can only get to the odd games when I fly intestate. (I did fly down for Round 1 at Etihad Stadium and was surrounded by West Coast supporters, they gave it to me all game and left very quickly at the end for some reason). 

I love the ‘Pay It Forward’ scheme and after having met Peter Gordon at the pre season camp in Maroochydore I was impressed how down to earth he was and appreciated the 10-15 minute chat we had. 

If you could please allow Peter to determine two people who would appreciate the memberships I would be most appreciative! I am impressed how the club has been turned around so quickly from the off-season challenges and looking forward to the upcoming year and the future supporting the dogs.

Thanks and GO DOGGIES!


Due to the strong support of the ‘Pay It Forward’ campaign, we are calling upon members and supporters to nominate someone they believe could do with a boost this year.

Those nominated could be eligible for a Western Bulldogs membership in 2015 courtesy of the generosity of those that have payed it forward.

Simply complete form below with the details of a fellow Bulldog that you believe would benefit from this benevolent gesture.

For further information about the ‘Pay It Forward’ campaign visit or call the Membership Team on 1300 46 36 47.

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