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June 16, 2017 5:59 PM

Daughters of the West - an adaptation of Sons of the West program, was announced on Thursday night. (Photo: Liz Vagg/Western Bulldogs)

Daughters of the West - an adaptation of Sons of the West program, was announced on Thursday night. (Photo: Liz Vagg/Western Bulldogs)

The outstanding work of the Western Bulldogs Community Foundation was acknowledged on Thursday night at the inaugural Community Foundation Dinner.

Hearing from Western Bulldogs President Peter Gordon and Premiership Coach Luke Beveridge, guests were granted an inside view to the foundation’s programs, while participants from Sons of the West, Ready Settle Go and the Leadership Project shared their personal stories.

Gordon expressed his excitement about the launch of Daughters of the West - an adaptation of the already standing Sons of the West program.

“The introduction of AFL Women’s has shown nothing short of a revolution, in the way young women think about the game and the potential of their own involvement in it,” he said.

“In and around the Western suburbs of Melbourne there are profound health inequalities, not just for men.

“With all of that in mind, the Western Bulldogs Football Club and Community Foundation are launching, later this year, a sister program for Sons of the West called Daughters of the West.”

To provide a steady and successful introduction to the women’s health initiative, Gordon Legal announced a $200,000 donation to the Daughters of the West program, which is expected to launch in October this year.

Western Bulldogs captain Robert Murphy was introduced as the newest Community Foundation Board Director, while midfielder Josh Dunkley was named as the first Community Foundation Player Ambassador.

“Josh (Dunkley) volunteered in the same spirit as Bob (Murphy) to be a Player Ambassador for the foundation, and we commend you on the initiative you’ve shown,” Gordon said.

Beveridge shared his insight into the Club’s appreciation of the Community Foundation, with a dedicated focus on the positive culture within the football club.

“Building positive cultures is about influencing people’s attitudes,” he said.

“In all our programs in the foundation, people are doing amazing work.

“Personally, I’m very proud to be associated with our football club (because) our club acts as a vehicle to touch people.”

Ready Settle Go participant Huynh Quang expressed his gratitude to the Western Bulldogs Community Foundation for assisting with his integration into Australian culture.

“Coming to a new country and trying to fit into a new way of life is hard. That’s why these programs are so important,” Huynh said.

“I made friends. I was in a team.”

For more information about the Western Bulldogs Community Foundation and its programs, visit