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Learning the ropes of Eureka

Training in Ballarat on Thursday has helped the Dogs reacquaint themselves with their next NAB Challenge venue.

3:14pm  Mar 6, 2015

Stringer stripped

Young Bulldogs drops 5kg in preparation for more midfield time.

1:00pm  Mar 6, 2015

Western Bulldogs Family Day

Event information for the Western Bulldogs annual Family Day, Saturday 7 March.

11:40am  Mar 6, 2015


Dogs Preseason: Ep.3 VU Altitude Chamber

BulldogsTV takes you behind-the-scenes in the Western Bulldogs pre-season campaign for 2013. In week two the boys visit Victoria University to work out in the altitude chamber.

November 25, 2012  2:22 PM

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Classy kicking

2:39pm Mar 6, 2015

Eureka Spirit

4:50pm Mar 5, 2015

Bob pays it forward

8:52pm Mar 4, 2015

Bonti's biggest fan

7:00pm Mar 4, 2015

Hard running

6:12pm Mar 3, 2015

Redpath shows his strength

12:30pm Mar 3, 2015

Wallis post match (NAB1)

8:21pm Feb 28, 2015

Footy's back at Whitten Oval

5:35pm Feb 28, 2015

Libb's injury worry (NAB1)

5:32pm Feb 28, 2015