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Fire has been lit: Murphy

Murphy said the desire to carry the Dogs momentum into next season has been ignited.

4:15pm  Oct 8, 2015

Wood rides the wave

Easton Wood credits teammates and coaching staff in his Sutton medal win.

3:15pm  Oct 8, 2015

Trade Winds: Thursday

Carlisle nominates his preferred Club, could the Hawks pick off another ready-made defender for their list?

11:48am  Oct 8, 2015


This or That? Daniel Pearce

What do you prefer, this or that? Jordan Roughead jumps into the hosts chair of BulldogsTV's new series 'This or That' as he gets young half-back Daniel Pearce's preferences on everything from Justin Bieber or One Direction, weights or running, rock or country music and more.

February 6, 2013  4:34 PM

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Club champion, Easton Excels

8:00am Oct 8, 2015

Doug Hawkins Medal: Bob Murphy

11:48pm Oct 7, 2015

Godwin Charli Red Carpet

8:38pm Oct 7, 2015

Jack Macrae Season Recap

8:00am Oct 4, 2015

Stringer's Elite Emergence

8:00am Oct 2, 2015

Beveridge Named Top Coach

5:09pm Oct 1, 2015

Crameri Finds Strong Form

8:00am Oct 1, 2015

Hunter's Strong Finish

6:00am Sep 30, 2015

Dahl's best year yet

6:01am Sep 29, 2015

Dogs hit the Brownlow Red Carpet

11:41pm Sep 28, 2015

Who wins the Brownlow Medal?

2:56pm Sep 28, 2015