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On the record with: Romy Timmins

Name: Romy Timmins

Nickname: Romsta, Rom, Rom-dog

Instagram handle: @romytimmins

Occupation: Kindergarten teacher

Best piece of advice you have received from your mum or dad: To work hard and always be kind to others.

Sporting highlight or greatest achievement to date: State youth girls football, Western Bulldogs draft, captaining a premiership side for five years at Berwick Hawks.

If you weren't a footballer, what would you be doing: Travelling the world

Motto you live by: Learn the past, watch the present, create the future.

If you could ask one person to be your mentor, who would it be: Shaun Smith (ex-footy coach) or my dad

Morning or night person: Night

Preferred timeslot to play matches: Both night and day

Worst injury you have had: Knee reconstruction in 2009

Phone app you couldn't live without: I like Instagram, but social media is overrated.

Favourite sport other than footy: Basketball

Tea or coffee: Coffee

Savoury or sweet: Savoury

Go to pump up music pre-game: Anything upbeat, RnB is good.

Favourite movie: The Notebook

Favourite TV series: Don't really watch much TV

If you could be on a TV series, what would it be: Wentworth