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Western Bulldogs Header Branding

What is this club really about?

What is it about this football club, our football club?

It’s more than the enduring feats of Whitten, Hawkins & Grant at the old Western Oval; than Johnson, West or Picken at Etihad Stadium or the MCG, and it’s bigger than the Fightback of October ‘89.

This Club is Irene Chatfield’s scarf, it’s Luke Beveridge’s premiership medal, it’s the fight of the men in our Sons of the West program.

It’s the Liberatore grit, it’s Katie Brennan’s determination, it’s the courage to rise from humble beginnings and the drive to get back up when you don’t think you can.

It’s a certain strength.  Our strength.  This place – these people – we – are STRONG.  

Today we launch a new campaign highlighting what it is that makes this Club so special.

The Club has partnered exclusively with Facebook to launch this new campaign through a short film and in the coming days will also launch the “Real Strength Series” showcasing stories of individuals associated with the Club who have demonstrated strength of character in their own lives.

This campaign captures the spirit of the Western Bulldogs as we enter a new, and exciting era.  It’s who we are.

It’s about hope, belief and strength.

It’s about us; and everyone who thought maybe their day would never come.

View the #RealStrength short film on Facebook.