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Murphy: Three colours

Top 5 Plays of the Week (JLT 1) Thanks to People's Choice, watch the best Western Bulldogs plays from JLT 1 vs Hawthorn.

“There are only 3 colours, 10 digits and 7 notes; It’s what we do with them that’s important” - Jim Rohn.

Quotes are good aren’t they? They make us think, ponder the bigger picture. They also elevate a weekly column to pretentiously great heights.

But three colours, really Jim? That’s all there is? I just did a quick count in my head and rattled off a dozen and then I remembered how many variations of white there are at my local paint shop! (My wife and I are currently renovating).

Maybe it’s better to let sleeping dogs lie and just give thanks that there is three, because for those of us in the Bulldog clan, we only need three. Red, (antique) white and blue.

How nice was it to see the boys run out in our colours across the immaculate surface of Mars Stadium in Ballarat?

AFLX may be the future, it may even dominate the football landscape one day, but not yet.

You don’t have to be a traditionalist to recognise the lift in importance of a full-strength team in a regular game.

What’s more exciting is that lift in stakes will continue to rise and ascend to feverish levels until all hell breaks loose in Canberra when Round 1 kicks off against our great rivals the GWS Giants.

There was a lot to take in for Bulldogs supporters on the weekend. Our first real look at some of the new boys.

Hayden Crozier and Jackson Trengove looked assured out there in their new jumper and Josh Schache had a couple of nice moments, whetting the appetite for what may lay ahead.

Lin Jong made a successful comeback from his ACL reconstruction and looked like he’d lost none of his explosive power. These boys have played at the highest level, but I’m sure they had some nervous thoughts before the game, for different reasons. They’ll be satisfied to get one under their belt without incident.

New* captain Easton Wood lead the boys out for the first time this year and as his troops followed him out he swung around to face them before battle commenced.

I think he learned that move from me. He then took close to an hour to get a kick which I fear he may also have learnt from me.

Easton’s move to the forward line is a most intriguing one.  Can the greatest marking defender in the game, replicate the same aerial dominance in attack?  It’s a fascinating bit of by-play for the upcoming campaign.

The football romantic heart beats true for many of us and seeing a career spark to life still lifts the spirits towards the sky.

Aaron Naughton looked composed as much as anything and he put his name on the whiteboard for a possible debut in Round 1 with a very solid outing. He looks like he might turn spark into flame this year.

After cruising past the Hawks in the second half with some impressive ball movement and too many winners in defence, the team travels again this week down the highway to Moe, in the Latrobe Valley.

Awaiting us there is our old foe, Collingwood.  Hopefully we’ll get another chance to see some of the new faces and perhaps get a clearer picture of which of our talls will play where come the start of the season proper.

Tom Boyd, Tom Campbell and Jack Redpath all sat out of the action last weekend and would be keen to stake a claim.  Selection will be intriguing.

Three colours, one jumper.  There is no more powerful symbol in football than that of the team jumper.

The Club’s season launch will be held next Tuesday night at the Plenary in Melbourne’s exhibition centre.

This year’s presentation will have the extra significance of also welcoming a new group of Hall of Fame inductees.

First jumpers and Hall of Fame recipients.  The arc of football dreams and possibilities bending all the way around to football greatness.

The circle of football life, and the second Lion King reference in as many weeks.