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Podcast: Name your Bulldog anthem

Freedom In A Cage | What could be the Bulldogs anthem? Bob and Adrian discuss what could be the Bulldogs anthem

Port Adelaide have the INXS anthem ‘Never Tear Us Apart’, and Collingwood have this year introduced the Metallica ballad, ‘Nothing Else Matters’ as their pre-game hype song.

We currently play the popular ‘Taking Over’ tune, but what other songs might qualify as a Bulldog anthem?

The question was this week posed to co-hosts Adrian Brown and Bob Murphy on the fourth episode of the Freedom in a Cage podcast and it sparked a debate about what ingredients a song must have to fill the coveted slot.

Murphy said it would need to be a song that has some relevance to the Club, the team or the West itself, and with that in mind has made some suggestions of his own.

“The last few years in the locker room the boys wanted to play some music and each year we had three or four songs that was like the soundtrack after a win, and I offered up 'Fortunate Son' by Creedence Clearwater Revival,” he said.

“So the title… we're the ‘sons’ of the west, but there's that red, white and blue bit in there, which of course is talking about the American flag, (but) we ignore that.

“It's a real barn-burner. It's a real stomper.”

You can listen to this week’s episode here for the rest of the boys’ suggestions, but they want to hear from fans. 

Use the hashtag #freedominacage or email us here to give us your picks and why and we’ll talk it through in next week’s episode.