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When Billy met Logan

Little Logan's Lucky Day BulldogsTV went behind the scenes of Billy Gowers surprising Bulldogs Fan, Logan, at his house last weekend.

It all started with a tweet. 

Seven-year-old Logan can lay claim to being one of Billy Gowers' biggest fans. Sitting in Aisle 26 for Billy's first AFL game in Melbourne, Logan instantly had a new favourite when our number 26 kicked a goal five minutes into the last quarter.

Shortly after, Logan got Billy's number of his back. Now, to meet his new-found hero.

The only problem was, Logan kept missing Gowers at each of the four training sessions he and his dad Michael attended at VU Whitten Oval.


When the notification from Twitter popped up on his phone, Billy had to make this right.


Our first hurdle - Logan's Auskick in Seddon was on at the same time as Saturday's Bulldogs captain's run.

Was this going to stop Billy? Absolutely not.


After some back and forth on Twitter, a plan was put in place for Logan to make it fifth time lucky.

Shortly after Saturday's training session concluded, Billy jumped in a car and drove to Logan's house, where he would be surprised at the front door. The two went down to the local park for a kick of the footy, before Billy gave Logan a signed hat, footy and a lifetime of memories.


Logan hasn't wiped the smile off his face, and even sleeps with the footy Billy gave him.

A simple act of kindness can go a long way. You're a star, Billy!