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Dunkley drives next generation

Young leaders keep it clean The Western Bulldogs Leadership Project team spent the afternoon at the CDC Bus depot with Josh Dunkley, learning about the time and effort it takes for bus drivers to clean graffiti off of their vehicles.

Western Bulldogs Community Foundation partner, CDC Victoria conducted a workshop with the Club’s Leadership Project participants in early August at their Albion bus depot.

CDC Victoria have been a partner of the Leadership Project since its creation prior to the 2013 season.

The purpose of the session is for the participants to each graffiti a bus and then undertake the process of cleaning to remove all of their tags on the bus.

The session helps to provide the participants with a unique perspective on the lengthy process that is required in order to clean the buses, whilst also highlighting the impact that such an action can cause.

Western Bulldogs midfielder & Community Foundation Ambassador Josh Dunkley was also in attendance to help participate in the session.

Dunkley has been a constant presence throughout the season having really embraced his role as an ambassador with the Western Bulldogs Community Foundation.

The effort and impact of such tagging on buses wasn’t lost on Dunkley, “We really learnt about the effort the bus drivers have to put in, they said before each bus driver every day does 2 hours of cleaning just by themselves”.

The participants were thrilled to have Dunkley in attendance which ensured it was a memorable session for all involved.

For CDC Victoria this continued their commitment to the program and the broader community in which is a key focus for the business as they move into the future.