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Sons of the West leader Jonathon Manallack has applied for a funding boost to support both the Sons of the West and Daughters of the West health programs through the Pick my Project grant initiative.  

Launched by the Victorian State Government earlier this year, Pick my Project is a Victorian based grant initiative aimed at providing community members with the tools to build a stronger community.  

After hearing about the initiative, Manallack applied on behalf of the Western Bulldogs Community Foundation, to further grow both the men’s and women’s health programs into a web-based model.  
Losing an impressive 30 kilograms since his arrival at Sons of the West in 2014, Manallack has remained an integral part of the program through acting as a leader for new participants.  
Manallack said that his motivations toward applying for the Pick my Project grant, stemmed from his desire to give back to the Club who helped him turn his life around.
“Someone asked me the other day, what I would’ve done if I hadn’t done this program – I think I’m more educated now and I know what I need to do as far as my health and diet goes,” he said.

“I feel that it’s time that I gave back to the program that over the past four years, has helped save my life.” 
While on-site sessions would continue to run, the online health program would gift participants with the relevant tools to explore their health, through online presentations and information packs created by health experts.   
Western Bulldogs Community Foundation General Manager Kashif Bouns said that an online program would further promote social connection, with the aim of linking community members together in a safe and comfortable environment.  

“Considering the number of potential participants missing out on our programs due to their location or overwhelming attendance numbers, it would be incredibly beneficial to provide our services via an online system,” said Bouns.

“With Daughters of the West currently at capacity in its second year, the potential to operate within the online space is definitely something we need to consider. 
“I am really proud of Jonathon. He’s taken the initiative to apply for the funding on behalf of the Foundation, which demonstrates the impact that the programs are having on our participants, empowering them not only to change their own lives but also becoming changemakers in their local community.”
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