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2019 Bulldogs coaching structure

Gia to coach VFL side BulldogsTV spoke to Daniel Giansiracusa, as he is announced as the 2019 head coach of the Western Bulldogs' VFL team.

The Western Bulldogs have confirmed changes to its coaching structure for the 2019 season, across its AFL and VFL programs.

Daniel Giansiracusa has been announced as the 2019 head coach of the Western Bulldogs’ VFL team, Footscray.

The 36-year-old, who has been an AFL assistant coach at the Bulldogs for the last four seasons, will continue his coaching education by taking control of his own team next season, as part of an integrated coaching structure at the club.

“As part of his coaching pathway, it is important for Gia to coach his own senior team,” said Bulldogs’ Senior Coach Luke Beveridge.

“The timing is now right for him, and for the Club to provide the support he needs to help us be successful at both AFL and VFL level.”

Steve Grace, who coached Footscray in 2018, will now move into an AFL line-coaching position looking after the midfield.

The Bulldogs’ defensive coach, Steven King, has been elevated to the position of Senior Assistant Coach as he manages an expanded Defensive Systems and Backs portfolio, while Ash Hansen will be in control of an upgraded Offensive Systems and Forwards coaching role.

Joel Corey, who coached the midfield group in 2018, will take on the fresh challenge of managing stoppages and set plays next season.

Rohan Smith (Development Manager) will continue to lead the growth of the Club’s young players, assisted by Jamie Maddocks (Opposition and Development Coach) and Jordan Russell (Development Coach).

“With the changing landscape of the game and the various time constraints, it is necessary to restructure our workflows and maximise our opportunity to make us successful,” Beveridge said.

“We are fortunate enough to have an established coaching group continue to support and develop our players for 2019.”