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Freedom in a Cage: The Exit Interview

Freedom In A Cage | 'The Bulldogs Gangs' In this episode of Freedom in a Cage Bob Murphy, Adrian Brown and guest Tom Liberatore speak about the different 'Bulldogs gangs' in the club, from the 'oldies' to the 'surrealists'

Freedom in a Cage, the Western Bulldogs official podcast was never going to be a straight footy podcast.  Not with former skipper Bob Murphy and award-winning filmmaker Adi Brown at the controls.

There’s more than enough of that stuff anyway, isn’t there?

So, if you were looking for detailed summaries about ‘fat sides’ and ‘pushing numbers behind the ball’, you’ve come to the wrong place. 

Instead, you’ve heard serious debate about whether Patrick Lipinski is too handsome for football, the day that Brad Johnson apparently frowned, Tom Liberatore’s odd sock theory, why Bob and Easton Wood share the same nickname, when and why Bulldogs man Merv Hughes grew his famous moustache, Toby McLean on why Havaianas are banned at the Club, Luke Beveridge on the Greek Team of the Century and the whereabouts of Rohan Smith’s famous white turtleneck from the Year of the Dogs documentary.

The ‘Cage even provided the platform for BulldogsW premiership player to shamelessly pursue a fake tan sponsorship and Tigers legend Matthew Richardson even stopped by to reclaim the football that Bob stole from Punt Road during a work experience stint back in 1997.

And that was just a sample of the kind of thing that was discussed at the ‘Footscray Caravan Park’ this year.  

Of course, it wouldn’t be the Bulldogs if we didn’t throw our arms around comrades in harder times, and Clay Smith sat down to reflect on his retirement a day after his announcement, while Tom Boyd opened up on his battle with mental illness.

So, whether you’re a long time listener or you’re looking for a new podcast to sink your teeth into you can subscribe on iTunes, TuneIn Radio, and AudioBoom, or simply search "Freedom In A Cage" in the search section of any of these podcast platforms.

And with reviews like this, what are you waiting for?