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VFL Wrap | Round 2

VFL Report | Round Two VFL Coach Daniel Giansiracusa discusses the round two Bulldogs VFL performance

How did the AFL players perform in Footscray's 72-point win over Collingwood?

Lukas Webb
28 disposals, ten marks, two goals

Jackson Trengove
26 disposals, eight marks, two goals, 26 hit-outs

Bailey Williams
22 disposals, ten marks

Lin Jong
21 disposals, one goal, seven marks

Brad Lynch
21 disposals, six marks, two goals

Pat Lipinski (played three quarters)
20 disposals, three marks, two tackles

Bailey Dale
19 disposals, seven marks, one tackle

Will Hayes
19 disposals, six marks, four tackles

Lewis Young
17 disposals, ten marks

Rhylee West
2 goals, 16 disposals, four marks

Callum Porter
15 disposals, five marks, one tackle

Fletcher Roberts
15 disposals, four marks, one tackle

Lachie Young
12 disposals, seven marks, two tackles

Fergus Greene (played three quarters)
2 goals, 10 disposals, three marks

Roarke Smith
One goal, seven disposals, one tackle

Jordon Sweet
One goal, five disposals

Tom Boyd (limited game time)
Four disposals, one tackle