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VFL Wrap: Round 14

VFL Report | Round 14 VFL Coach Daniel Giansiracusa discusses Footscray's 58-point win over Richmond in Round 14.

How did the AFL players perform in Saturday’s 58-point win over Richmond?



Bailey Dale

Two goals, 27 disposals, six tackles

Will Hayes

One goal, 26 disposals, eight marks

Rhylee West

Two goals, 24 disposals, six tackles

Mitch Wallis

22 disposals, six tackles, two marks

Lin Jong

14 disposals, five marks, two tackles

Laitham Vandermeer

One goal, 16 disposals, three marks

Brad Lynch

15 disposals, two marks, five tackles

Dale Morris

13 disposals, seven marks, three rebound 50’s

Callum Porter

14 disposals, two marks, four tackles

Lewis Young

11 disposals, four rebound 50’s, three tackles

Lachie Young

11 disposals, three rebound 50’s, two tackles

Fletcher Roberts

10 disposals, six marks, three rebound 50’s

Ben Cavarra

Eight disposals, two tackles, one inside 50

Buku Khamis

Eight disposals, four marks, two tackles

Ryan Gardner

18 hit-outs, four marks, one tackle

Jordon Sweet

39 hit-outs, three marks, two tackles

In his debut for the Footscray Bulldogs, Jordan Boyd impressed with three goals, four inside 50’s and one tackle, while Anthony Scott collected four goals, six tackles and six marks. Stand-in captain Josh Wallis was also one of the best VFL-listed players with 21 disposals, six inside 50’s and four tackles.