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VFL Playing List

No Player Ht Wt DOB Recruited From 
50 Josh Prudden 182 81 06.09.94 Western Bulldogs (AFL)
51 Nathan Drummond 184 83 19.01.95 Richmond (AFL)
53 Lachlan Sullivan 180 84 25.09.97 St Kevin's Old Boys (VAFA)
55 Reuben William 183 77 31.12.97 Brisbane Lions (AFL)
56 Anthony Scott 180 77 28.02.95 Old Trinity
57 Dillon Viojo-Rainbow 185 87 08.02.96 Port Melbourne (VFL)
58 Gerard Gleeson 189 87 07.10.94 St Kevin's Old Boys (VAFA)
59  Billy Kanakis 178 75 06.08.94 St Kevin's Old Boys (VAFA)
60 Sam Barnett 186 81 20.09.98 St Kevin's Old Boys (VAFA)
61 Liam Nash 189 91 12.02.95 Hoppers Crossing
62 Brad Olsson 190 82 26.11.96 Old Xavs
63 Tate Short 190 82 14.04.98 St Bedes/Mentone
64 James Hayes 182 78 05.06.95 Euroa FC
65 Nayef Hamad 181 86 20.03.97 Spotswood FC (WRFL)
66 Robbie McComb 181 80 19.12.95 Vermont FC
67 Joshua Wallis 186 83 01.11.96 St Kevin's Old Boys (VAFA)
69 Lachie Farrugia 190 87 04.11.99 St Kevin's Old Boys (VAFA)
70 Cody Henness 193 93 07.02.99 St Kevin's Old Boys (VAFA)
72 Jonah Siversen 190 79 10.01.96 Red Hill
73 Austin Hodge 191 82 02.04.99 Old Trinity
76 Aaron Trusler 171 69 31.12.99 De La Salle OC
79 Oliver Jackson 190 88 30.09.00 Collegians FC

50. Josh Prudden

Height: 182cm
Weight: 81kg
Previous Clubs: Western Bulldogs (AFL)


After departing the Bulldogs AFL system in 2017, Prudden has been a welcomed addition to the Club’s VFL list. A courageous running defender, he will bring leadership and professionalism to our team as the 2019 Footscray Bulldogs captain.


53. Lachlan Sullivan

Height: 180cm
Weight: 84kg
Previous Clubs: St Kevin's Old Boys


After having Grand Final success in TAC Cup, Sullivan was part of another premiership in 2017 with St Kevins, where he also won the club’s best and fairest award. He is a skilful and talented midfielder and is also very capable when playing forward.

56. Anthony Scott

  Height: 180cm
  Previous Club:
Old Trinity   


Recruited from Old Trinity. Was runner up in the VAFA 2018 B&F (A grade). Previous VFL experience at Richmond (2015-16 – 29 games).

59. Billy Kanakis

Height: 178cm
Weight: 75kg
D.O.B: 06/08/94
Previous Club: St Kevin's Old Boys


Recruited from St Kevins after playing in their back to back VAFA premierships in 2017 and 2018 and won the Best on Ground medal in the 2018 Grand Final. Clever and elusive small forward with great goal sense.

61. Liam Nash

Height: 189cm
Weight: 91kg
D.O.B: 12/02/95
Previous Club: Hopper Crossing


Since joining the Bulldogs in 2016, Nash has shown great overhead skills and consistency as an inside midfielder. He has good skills on both sides of his body & is noted for his impressive shutdown roles throughout the 2016 VFL premiership campaign.

63. Tate Short

Height: 190cm
Weight: 82kg
D.O.B: 14/04/98
Previous Club: St Bedes/Mentone


Short had a great 2017 season playing several games in his first year for the Footscray Bulldogs. He has the ability to play back as well as swing forward and is very courageous in the air. Short was recruited from St Bedes/Mentone.

65. Nayef Hamad

Height: 181cm
Weight: 86kg
D.O.B.: 20/03/97
Previous Club: Spotswood FC


Nayef was recruited from Spotswood after a great 2017 season where he was selected in the WRFL team of the year. He has fantastic athletic traits and is a young player that is keen to establish himself at the VFL level.

67. Joshua Wallis

Height: 186cm
Weight: 83kg
Previous Clubs: St Kevin's Old Boys


Josh Wallis has showed plenty of improvement in the red, white and blue. A strong bodied midfielder who can swing forward and provide a contest, Wallis is the brother of AFL-listed Bulldog Mitch, and son of former Club captain Steve. Wallis will continue his role in the Leadership group in 2019.

70. Cody Henness

Height: 193cm
Weight: 93kg
Previous Clubs: St Kevin's Old Boys


Hennes is a key defender recruited from Gippsland Power TAC. Despite some injury setbacks across preseason he is a strong young player and looks well suited to VFL football.

73. Austin Hodge

Height: 191cm
Weight: 82kg
Previous Clubs: Old Trinity


A versatile medium sized defender and midfielder recruited from Gippsland Power TAC. Played for the Footscray Bulldogs in the last VFL game of 2018 and has returned.

79. Oliver Jackson

Height: 190cm
Weight: 88kg
Previous Clubs: Collegians FC


Despite not making the list at TAC level last year he has real potential as a tall forward and has shown to be versatile and competitive enough to play some time in the ruck during practice games.



Height: 184cm
Previous Clubs: Richmond (VFL)


Taken at pick 52 in the 2014 national draft, Drummond arrives at the Club after four years at Richmond. A talented and versatile midfielder, the 23-year-old was unfortunately hampered by injury during his time at the Tigers but managed five senior appearances since 2015.

55. Reuben William

Height: 183cm
Weight: 77kg
Previous Clubs: Brisbane Lions (AFL)


An exciting prospect for Footscray, William spent 2 years on Brisbane Lions Rookie list. William is a courageous backman, with elite endurance and speed and knows how to find the football.

57. Dillon Viojo-Rainbow

Height: 185cm
Previous Clubs: 
Port Melbourne (VFL)


Originally drafted to Carlton with pick 28 in 2014. Delisted and went to Port Melbourne (VFL) in 2017 and played in their VFL premiership. Due to injury only played 10 VFL games in 2018. Running defender/wing with excellent left foot kick

58. Gerard Gleeson

Height: 189cm
Weight: 87kg
Previous Clubs: St Kevin's Old Boys


Recruited from St Kevins after playing in their back to back VAFA premierships in 2017 and 2018. Previous VFL experience at Richmond (2014-15 - 9 games). Versatile big midfielder that also plays forward

60. Sam Barnett

Height: 186cm
Weight: 81kg
Previous Clubs: St Kevin's Old Boys


Recruited from St Kevins after 2018 VAFA premiership. Elite runner who plays both forward and midfield.


62. Brad Olsson

Height: 190cm
Previous Club:
 Old Xavs


A left footer and mid-sized running defender from Gippsland Power, Olsson has showed plenty of promise. A courageous player, the 190cm defender is noted for his aerial contests.

64. James Hayes

Height: 182cm
Weight: 78kg
Previous Club: Euroa FC


Returns to Bulldogs after being captain/coach at Euroa for 2017 and 2018. Twin brother of Western Bulldogs recruit Will Hayes, he played 27 games at Footscray across 2014 and 2016. Left foot midfielder and defender with great endurance.

66. Robbie McComb

Height: 181cm
Weight: 80kg
Previous Clubs: Vermont FC


Recruited from Vermont ahead of the 2018 season as a mature aged midfielder. Having shown elite kicking on both feet, McComb is also highly respected for his hardness in contest and his attack on the ball.

69. Lachie Farrugia

Height: 190cm
Previous Club: St Kevin's Old Boys


Recruited from St Kevins after 2018 VAFA premiership. Played first half of 2018 in under 19’s before pushing his way into team and retaining spot for remainder of the season. Medium sized defender with good intercept marking ability.

72. Jonah Siversen

Height: 190cm
Weight: 79kg
Previous Clubs: Red Hill


Currently plays with Red Hill on the Mornington Peninsula and has made a real impact across the summer as a hardworking and determined defender. Siverson has shown consistent improvement across all aspects of the game since the commencement of preseason.

76. Aaron Trusler

Height: 171cm
Weight: 69kg
D.O.B: 31/12/99
Previous Club: De La Selle OC

Recruited from Sandringham Dragons after playing in their 2017 premiership. An exciting small forward that is aspiring to improve his strength and tackle pressure.