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Into the Fury: AFL season launch film features Dogs' story

AFL Media Staff Writers  March 17, 2017 8:08 AM

Into The Fury: The tale of the 2016 flag Peter Dickson's 'Into the Fury' is a compelling look at the Western Bulldogs' 2016 Grand Final win, revealed at the 2017 AFL Season Launch.
The Bulldogs' triumph highlighted in this year's AFL season launch film.

The Bulldogs' triumph highlighted in this year's AFL season launch film.

LUKE Beveridge calmly and clinically imploring his players before and during last year’s Grand Final to overcome adversity and create “our storyline” is among the key moments in this year’s AFL season launch film.

Titled Into the Fury, the nearly-13-minute film is written in three acts and chronicles the Western Bulldogs’ history of heartache – including the threat of merger, loss after loss in big games and early last season, the serious knee injury to captain Bob Murphy – through to their 2016 premiership triumph over Sydney. 

Filmmaker Peter Dickson sifted through more than 50 hours of footage captured from vantage points in and around the MCG on Grand Final day, including ultra slo-mo vision of the match, to create a compelling story complemented by some terrific archival clips and a soundtrack headlined by a haunting version of the Johnny Cash track God's Gonna Cut You Down (aka Run Down).

"I’ve taken a bit of a different approach with this one, delving quite a bit into the club’s history. In many ways, the story wrote itself," said Dickson, who has continued the trailblazing work of his late brother Rob and this week wrote of the challenges of continuing the legacy created by the popular former Hawthorn and Brisbane Bears utility and innovative craftsman.

Not surprisingly, Beveridge plays a leading role in the film, his logical and calculated addresses driving his players to a frenzied, no-tomorrow brand of football.

"We know it’s not going to be easy… we know there’s going to be some adversity. We know if we stick to what we know … we all commit … an even 22 … that’s going to take us a long, long way," the coach tells his players.

"This is our storyline. We’ve run through some fire. Into the fury. Into the coals and where the heat is. We’ve done it three times. We need one more.

"Bring your gifts. Bring your instruments. Your voice, your song, your noise. Let’s take our fury as an even 22 … minute by minute, with a persistent mindset."

"He was so calm. That was one of the things that really stood out," Dickson said of Beveridge. 

Dickson also focused on others who contributed to the win, including past heroes on and off the field, Murphy, former and present administrators, and the club’s long-suffering fans.

"I really wanted to show what winning meant to them. You can see that in the angst on the faces in the crowd when the game was up for grabs," he said.