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Dogs tough it out in Torquay

Turning up the heat In the final week before the holiday break, the Bulldogs headed to the surf coast for their annual pre-Christmas training camp. Watch as the playing group got straight down to business with an intense beach circuit.
TORQUAY, AUSTRALIA - DECEMBER 18: Jackson Trengove (right) and Brad Lynch of the Bulldogs runs along the beach during the Western Bulldogs beach training session at The Sands on December 18, 2017 in Torquay, Australia. (Photo by Adam Trafford/AFL Media)
The energy is always up at the start of a camp and the boys have attacked it really well.
Lachie Hunter

There was a different kind of Dog running up and down Torquay beach on Monday as the Western Bulldogs arrived on the surf coast for their annual training camp.

The Dogs sweated their way through running, boxing and even some tug of war in the 33 degree heat, midfielder Lachie Hunter telling the Herald Sun that the camp is more than just a physical challenge, but important for team bonding as well.

“The main thing you get out of it is the team-building side of things,” he said.

“Bevo has been massive on that. Aside from the physical stuff, which can be pretty gruelling.”

The team spent the morning at their home base at Victoria University Whitten Oval before heading down the freeway, although according to Hunter there was a bit of mystery surrounding what was ahead of them.

“We pretty much just turn up and find out (what we’re going to be doing), I think that’s part of the mental side of it. They keep the boys guessing the whole time and put a bit of fear in to add to it all.

“The energy is always up at the start of a camp and the boys have attacked it really well.”

The Dogs will remain on camp Tuesday and Wednesday before breaking for Christmas on Thursday.