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A statement from Western Bulldogs President Peter Gordon

May 20, 2014 12:06 PM

Statement from Peter Gordon Statement from Bulldogs President Peter Gordon.
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Bulldogs President Peter Gordon has released a statement regarding an incident that occurred at the May 10 match against Melbourne.

Western Bulldogs President Peter Gordon has issued the following statement:

Last week, our Club was informed that a person wearing a Bulldogs jumper had racially abused Melbourne player Neville Jetta at the game between Melbourne and the Bulldogs at the MCG on Saturday the 10th of May.

We were told that the abuse was reported at the time and that the perpetrator was monitored but due to an error he was not ejected by the security company.  Subsequent efforts by the staff of the MCC to identify this person by CCTV footage, and by review of the ticketing records, have not so far proved successful.  Despite those attempts being unsuccessful we remain entirely satisfied that the racial abuse occurred and that unfortunately it came from one of our own Bulldogs supporters.

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As a Club, we apologise unreservedly to Neville Jetta and his family who were the subject of this abuse. We are ashamed of the actions of this person who by his actions has damaged the fabric and the reputation of our Club.  We have no tolerance for ignorant racial abuse and we will continue to make efforts to identify this person and to deal with him under our supporters’ code of conduct.

It has been the Club’s initiative to make this matter public and to acknowledge the wrongdoing of one of our own supporters.  When racist abuse rears its ugly head we will never as a Club do what this person has done...disappear into anonymity.  It happened.  One of our own supporters did it.  We are all diminished as a consequence.  But we will not let it pass.  Even though we need every supporter we can get...we don’t need supporters who behave like this.

The fact that racist abuse is ignorant, cruel, unfair and unlawful, ought to be enough to see it consigned to history.  But for those who despite all of these things continue to engage in it, know that we as a Club we will not by silence, be complicit in your anonymous abuse.  We will pursue and rigorously investigate any matter which comes to our attention.

As President, I call on all Bulldog supporters to be vigilant and to stand up against racism at all Bulldogs games and whatever circumstances it may arise in.  If you can assist our inquiries as to what happened at the game please let us know.

READ: Western Bulldogs Members' Code of Conduct