It’s not just athletes who need to lead a healthy life, both mentally and physically to be their best on the field.  

Did you know: 

  • There is a measurable link between a person’s health and lifestyle and how productive they are at work.  
  • Employees with poor overall health status are nine times more likely to request sick days compared to healthy employees.  
  • Staff stress and morale is linked to absenteeism and lack of productivity. 

Whether you are looking for a health and wellbeing program that features high profile speakers who motivate and inspire, or more practical and educational modules, the Western Bulldogs can tailor a program to suit your workplace needs.   

Bounce Back Program

Bounce Back will shine a light on real stories of mental health, strength and resilience and how they can be applied to life and the workplace.  

It takes lessons learned from AFL great Bob Murphy, survivor turned White Ribbon advocate Simone O’Brien, renowned mental health ambassador Jake Edwards and leading workplace mental health consultant Anna Feringa of EML.   

Our speakers will inspire you, as they share their hard-earned lessons in facing their unique, and often confronting, life experiences.  

We all face challenges in our work and personal lives, but it’s how we respond that defines us. This is a chance to bounce back. 

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Best On Ground Program

Best on Ground is a workplace health program that will engage staff in their health and wellbeing through a series of workshops covering health topics such as nutrition, mental health, gender equity and intercultural understanding.  

Best on Ground is based on the successful Sons of the West and Daughters of the West health & wellbeing programs that have been delivered by the Western Bulldogs Community Foundation and Club over the past 6 years.  

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What's the difference between the two programs?


Bounce Back Program 

Best on Ground Program  

What is it 

Leadership intensive for workplaces 

Health and wellbeing program for workplaces 


Motivate and inspire 

Engage and educate 


Fixed 4 hr session 

Flexible education modules tailored to the needs of the workplace 

Delivered by 

High profile speakers 

Expert presenters  

Content source 

Lived experience and speakers own coping tools/ strategies 

Evidence based content 

Price point 

$11,000 (fixed cost) 

4 x 90 min sessions = $10,000 (2.5k per additional module) 


1 off 90 min session= $3,000