Caleb Poulter

27 disposals, 15 marks, three goals

One of Poulter’s best performances in the red, white and blue. Amassing plenty of the ball on the wing, keeping his width and finding scoring opportunities regularly. Taking 15 marks allowed Poults to control the ball at different stages. 


Jordon Sweet

19 touches, 43 hit-outs, one goal

Jordon continued his stellar season with another dominant performance in the ruck. He imposed himself on the game early and was able to dictate stoppage for majority of the game.

Hayden Crozier

30 disposals, 14 marks

Playing at half-back, Hayden was able to control the ball with his precise field kicking throughout the contest. Hayden found plenty of time and space as the spare defender during the contest and propelled plenty of rebound opportunities.

Riley Garcia

29 touches, three goals, five tackles

Close to Riley’s best game for the season with 29 touches and three goals. Was elite from stoppage inside 50 and able to convert in front of goal. Riley will be hoping to keep this momentum into the semi-final.

Robbie McComb

25 touches, seven clearances

Another solid performance from Robbie after recovering from concussion symptoms over past few weeks. Found plenty of the ball in the midfield, using his hands to open his teammates into space. Seven clearances shows his brutality at stoppage.

Buku Khamis

15 touches, three goals

As he’s done all season, Buku provided a great option up forward getting to plenty of contests inside 50. His conversion was strong again with three goals and was able to provide handy assistance in the ruck with 10 hit-outs.


Toby McLean

25 touches, five clearances

Despite a knock to the ribs, Toby was able to have an influence on the game through the midfield. 25 touches and five clearances for the game for the inside mid and will be crucial to Footscray furthering their finals ambitions.

Rhylee West

20 touches, two goals, six clearances

West provided a real spark for Footscray all day, cracking in at the contest and finishing smart in front of goal. Provided the highlight of the day, nearly dragging down a big mark before gathering and snapping from long range. Could be the wildcard deep into September.

Jedd Busslinger

18 touches, eight marks

Solid at the back again for Jed, taking eight marks and playing his role defensively. Looks to be more comfortable at the level with each game he plays and will relish the September action in coming weeks.

Charlie Clarke

12 touches, three goals

A typical small forwards game from Charlie Clarke, grabbing his opportunities on goal inside 50. Clarke applied pressure and played his role, was great to see him rewarded with three majors.

Tim O’Brien

17 touches, seven marks

In partnership with the likes of Crozier and Cleary, controlled the back-half well and took seven marks. Showed lots of courage at different points and is building his game off an extended break.


Luke Cleary

18 touches, four marks

Didn’t do a lot wrong throughout the game and approached in his usual calm and measured manner. Used the ball well and found teammates in space at different times. Relishes the opportunity to distribute with more senior bodies in the back line.

Ryan Gardner

16 touches, five marks

A typical defender’s game from Gardner with the backline in sync against Casey. Inserted himself into the contest early with a number of big spoils and is a key cog in the finals push for Footscray.

Cody Raak

12 disposals, one tackle

Found the ball 12 times and played his role in a strong team performance. Had impact when he was able to use the ball by foot.

Harvey Gallagher

11 touches, three marks

At different times, Harvey found himself out on the wing but was versatile in what the team needed. Used his running capabilities all day to have an impact.