Hamstring injuries to Laitham Vandermeer and Easton Wood will see the Western Bulldogs forced into two changes for Sunday’s all-important clash with the West Coast Eagles.

Both were injured in the first half of last week’s narrow loss to the Cats.

Vandermeer will miss the rest of the home-and-away season, with a moderate grade injury expected to sideline the exciting speedster for six weeks.

The prognosis is more promising for Wood, with the experienced defender to miss just two-to-three weeks with a low grade injury.

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Medical Room | Latest on Wood, Vandemeer

Hear the latest injury news on Laitham Vandermeer, Easton Wood and Cal Porter thanks to Elastoplast.

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“In a contest, Laitham got a push that caused him to over-stretch his hamstring,” medical services manager, Chris Bell, said.

“This has caused a moderate grade injury and he’ll miss the next six weeks of footy.”

“At the end of the second quarter, Easton came off and reported some low-level hamstring tightness.

“We removed him from the game because we didn’t want to take any risk and scans have since confirmed that he does have a low grade hamstring injury.”

Young midfielder Callum Porter has also made progress with his groin injury and is aiming for a return next week. 

Injury list

Callum Porter (groin) – 1 week
Lin Jong (ankle) – 2-3 weeks
Rhylee West (groin) – 2-3 weeks
Easton Wood (hamstring) – 2-3 weeks
Laitham Vandermeer (hamstring) – 6 weeks