Breann and Celine Moody have been on the same team since birth, but for the second time in their AFLW careers will go head-to-head on Friday night at VU Whitten Oval for the opening game of Pride Round.

23-year-old rucks Breann (Carlton) and Celine (Western Bulldogs) are set to match-up in the ruck, and with both coming off the back of losses in round one, there’ll be no sisterly mercy.

“I think we have won the last three against the Doggies and I don’t plan on giving them one this year” smiles Breann, a former Carlton best-and-fairest winner.

“I think you’ll really see our brand of footy on Friday and how fit we actually are. The loss has set a little fire in our belly and we are ready to bring it.”

When asked about the game plan, Breann nods to their similarities.

“Celine’s tall, likes to jump, very similar to how I play. It’s good but also a weakness because it means she knows how I’m going to play,” she said.

“I’ll be giving myself the space to jump off against her, but trying to use our strength will be important for both of us.

“I’m sure we will get some arm wrestling going and probably a couple of elbows in the ribs on the ground as well.”

For Celine it’s all in the mind.

“I’m trying to get in her head but she is usually pretty good at keeping me out” laughs the Bulldog, who managed just three games in 2020 after suffering an ankle injury in round one.

“We’ll sledge each other but we usually can’t even do that without insulting ourselves anyway.”

Her twin knows this all too well.

“I reckon she has been working on a few sneaky jokes, she’s one of the funniest people I know,” Breann said.

“I think she might be put off that I don’t bite back, but we have got a job to do.”

Despite the two-team dilemma, the rest of the Moodys are doing their best to stay neutral.

“Mum’s actually got a half Carlton half Bulldogs guernsey that she wears, she loves it,” Celine said.

Father, Pete is no stranger to competition having trained champion racehorse Black Caviar, but according to Breann he may have a secret favourite.

“Mum and Dad have barracked for Carlton for longer, they won’t admit it but I feel like they’ve got a soft spot for the Blues,” she said.

However, in the words of Celine – “may the best ruck win.”