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Freedom In A Cage | The Official Western Bulldogs Podcast

Freedom in a Cage is the official Western Bulldogs podcast. If you’re looking for a straight footy podcast, you’ve come to the wrong place. Hosted by former captain Bob Murphy, and Australian basketball royalty (and Bulldog tragic) Chris Anstey, Freedom is recorded weekly from Footscray Caravan Park, a place which may or may not exist. Come for the freedom, stay for the claustrophobia; Freedom in a Cage is about the nuances and the eccentricities of our great game.

You can find the podcast and subscribe to it on iTunes, TuneIn Radio, and Whooshkaa, or simply by searching "Freedom In A Cage" in the search section of any of these podcast platforms.

Contact the Freedom In A Cage team on Twitter by using #FreedomInACage.

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