Naomi Ferres plays footy with little fuss.

She’s reliable, tough and impactful on-field, and off-field is happy for others to take most of the limelight.

But there is more to the unassuming 25-year-old than meets the eye.

Through the AFLW’s Season 7 Indigenous Round, Ferres shared what she knows about the story of her culture, in the hopes she can connect with others.

And on the eve of the Bulldogs’ Elimination Final against Collingwood, Ferres has another reason to feel immense pride, in what will be her 50th appearance in the AFLW competition.

“I found out about my Indigenous heritage a while ago – my dad always talked about it when I was younger,” the 25-year-old told

“I always knew I had (Indigenous heritage), I just didn’t know much about it.


“My great, great grandma is from Arrernte Country. That’s when they got separated and taken to Adelaide from Port Augusta. That’s where my grandma and Dad are from.

“I only know a few little bits and pieces. My great grandma didn’t really speak too much about it, and I didn’t get to meet her either.”

Arrernte Country spans over 120,000km of land, covering Alice Springs and surrounding areas of central Australia in the Northern Territory.

“When I play, I’ll just be thinking about my family and all the people back at home – my family in South Australia and my family in the Northern Territory,” Ferres said.

“I feel pretty supported within the Club. Some of the girls are always asking me questions as well. They always say they want to be part of my journey as well, and are looking forward to hearing more.

“It makes me feel a lot more comfortable to share my story.”