Jedd Busslinger says he’s had about five hours sleep in between being drafted and undertaking some first-round media commitments this morning.

Why the lack of rest?

The newest Bulldog was full of adrenaline and up chatting to friend, hotel roommate and new Eagle Reuben Ginbey, after the two West Aussies realised their AFL dreams on draft night.

“It was super special to be over here with Reuben – obviously we played at East Perth together for a while, so to share the moment with him was really good,” Busslinger told SEN WA on Tuesday morning.

“To see him go to the Eagles too – I’m really happy for him. It’ll be a moment I remember for the rest of my life.

“We got back to the hotel around 11.30pm – I’m sharing a room with Reuben – but we were up until about 1.30-2am just talking.

“We then had to get up at 7am this morning, so I haven’t had a whole lot of sleep but think my excitement is getting me through.

“It’s a dream come true. Thinking back to last year, it was such a goal of mine seeing all the other boys get drafted.

“To finally be here today – I’m just super happy.”


Busslinger will return to WA this evening, before packing up his gear and moving to Melbourne over the weekend.

It’s an opportunity that excites the 18-year-old and his family.

“It’s a pretty quick turnaround - I’ll spend the next three days at home and then get back over here and look to get into some sort of training,” the 18-year-old explained.

“I think Aaron Naughton is on the same flight coming back over, so I think I’ll live with him up until Christmas.

“(My family) are pretty comfortable with it – I think (having to move) became reality pretty early in the year.

“They’re just really happy for me that I’m able to live out my dream of playing in the AFL.

“Obviously they’ll be a little bit upset I’m moving away, but they know it’s the best for me and I’ll love it over here.”

The 2022 NAB AFL Draft will continue tonight, Tuesday 29 November, from 7pm.