Senior coach Luke Beveridge addressed this week's big talking points on Thursday at VU Whitten Oval. 

Taking it week-by-week...
We’re in a position where each week we need to re-establish ourselves. You wipe the slate clean. Because the lads have played together more in recent times, we’ve had some stability in our team, our injury toll hasn’t been too drastic, which has helped us create some cohesion. 
It hasn’t been difficult to refocus this week, which is great. 
We can't afford to slip up, and that's something that's driving us.


The fiery Giants...
They’ve had a game or two where they haven’t performed as they’ve would’ve liked. I think the prime example is when they faced Hawthorn the first time and then they came out and put a significant margin on Carlton the next week.
So we’re expecting that spike from them. We know what’s coming. 

The return to Giants Stadium...
I think the (GWS) supporter base is growing. Its been a while since we’ve played them, almost 40 rounds have gone by since we’ve played them.
It was Spotless Stadium last time we played there, and the distant memory of 2016 is long gone. There’s a lot of players in our team that haven’t played there, so it’s a bit of the unknown for us.


The future looks bright...
Our list manager Sam Power has done a great job (re-signing 14 players). Its obviously a monumental task when you’ve got that many players. All we can do is maintain and promote a healthy work environment and a place where players can feel they can progress. The signs are good with all those lads signing up.
Rhylee (West) is a very promising player. It's a shame we haven’t been able to keep him in the team. That conversation has been a difficult one from my point of view because he did enough in his first game to warrant a second. We were really pleased with his first outing.