Bulldogs’ forward Rory Lobb will miss this weekend’s clash with St Kilda after minor surgery on his ankle this afternoon.

The 30-year-old has recently suffered some ankle joint pain with the club opting for the small procedure.

“Rory Lobb has developed some catching pain in his ankle, relating to some small loose bodies in the joint that have intermittently caused him issues in the last few years,” Head of Sports Medicine, Chris Bell said.

“To minimise risk of him having recurrent issues, we have decided to be proactive and wash the loose bodies out with an ankle arthroscopy this afternoon.”

“We will determine Rory’s return to play plan following the procedure, but don’t expect it to keep him out for too long.”


Defender Liam Jones continues to recover from his neck injury during the second quarter of the weekend’s game, with availability to be decided later in the week.

“Liam Jones suffered a heavy impact to his head that caused his neck to overstretch,” Bell said.

“Immediately following, he had some referred pain and spasm into his shoulder. With any injury of this nature, we need to make sure that we clear any serious structural damage – so Liam was sent to hospital for scans.”

“Those scans came back with positive results.”

“As expected Liam still has some pain and muscle spasm associated with the injury, so we are working overtime to get him back on track and will determine his availability as the week progresses.”

Injury List

Liam Jones (neck): test
Rory Lobb (ankle): TBC
Arthur Jones (groin): 1-2 weeks 
Ryan Gardner (elbow): 1-2 weeks
Tim O’Brien (hamstring): 1-2 weeks
Cody Weightman (groin): 3-5 weeks
Laith Vandermeer (leg): 4-5 weeks
Roarke Smith (foot): 4-5 weeks
Dom Bedendo (groin): Indefinite