Western Bulldogs All-Australian defender Katie Lynch is taking the next step in her leadership and setting the example for her fellow young teammates.

The 23-year-old was added to the Dogs' leadership group in season seven, and has sharpened up her attention and professionalism after "mucking around a bit" at training.

"I think it was pre-season camp, last season. Our previous leadership meeting, we'd kind of said to Nathan, 'Feel free to make examples of us a little bit more, as a group, because that might help others without them being the example'," Lynch said.

"We were doing a simple handball drill, and I got the ball, but I hadn't called for it. I remember Nathan yelling, 'Lynchy, speak up, use your voice', and I was thinking there it is. I've got to start leading by example here and doing the little things that you can't get away with. 

"That was a moment for me where I thought I've got the leadership boots, and now I have to live up to it."

There's still room for fun and games, with Lynch firmly believing in a balance as part of a happy and upbeat team.

"I'm all about being able to still have a laugh and a carry-on at training. That's what makes our group so special as well, and so close, we can stop and have a laugh at whatever's happening," Lynch said.

"But it's the ability to go from that into drills and being all-in, or whatever we're being asked to do, and to do it at 100 per cent. Being an example for that is difficult, but it's something I'm still learning how to do. It's often little behaviours, voice, encouraging, directing, and all of that on-field, is what works for me.

"I was starting to do it pretty naturally in season six, but once I realised I had to step up in season seven, I actively put more effort into it. A lot of it comes pretty naturally, and hopefully the aim is it'll continue."


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