Western Bulldogs midfielder Adam Treloar says he hopes the way the season panned out ignites a fire in the playing group’s bellies for next season.

Treloar played a crucial role in the Bulldogs on-ball brigade in 2023, averaging 29.3 disposals, 5.3 tackles and 5.7 clearances from 19 games.

He said it was disappointing to not be extending their campaign into September, but understands they only have themselves to blame.

“It’s obviously extremely disappointing – it’s not what we set out for at the start of the preseason,” Treloar said on Tuesday morning.


“It’s been extremely up and down for us – you think back to games we probably should’ve won but didn’t, and then there were games on paper we were probably weren’t picked to win but did.

“That’s extremely frustrating when the inconsistencies are there. We know we are more than capable of playing some really good footy to be able to match it with some of the best sides – which we have this year – but unfortunately we’ve let ourselves down too many times.

“It’s disappointing that we’re not there competing or giving ourselves a chance to considering the group of guys that we have - how close we are and how much we love each other and want to play for each other.

“I wish it was in our hands…I wish it wasn’t decided by the Carlton-Giants game. That’s our own fault obviously, we weren’t able to win enough games.

“It’s one that we’ll look back on but for now we’ve just got to regroup and focus with each other, and look forward to next season.”

Treloar said despite the inconsistency, it’s important to recognise and celebrate the players that have starred individually.

“You have to acknowledge Timmy, Bont and Libba who are in the All Australian squad and rightfully so. Hopefully all three of them make it – I genuinely believe they all deserve to.

“We all take ownership – relying on too few (players) is probably not what you want to do.

“You look at all the great clubs and the teams that have success, and they have an evenness across the whole board.

“That’s what we are striving for – more equalness in performance across the whole field. Hopefully we can do that next season.”

Treloar also cleared the air regarding his playing future, and has no doubt Bailey Smith will remain in the red, white and blue.

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“I love the footy club – this is the place I want to be at and want to finish at. I love the group of guys – I feel like it’s the closest group of guys I’ve been a part of,” Treloar said.

“I want to help drive the group forward with success and want to be part of the group that ultimately competes for premierships.

“That’s what we want to do and I genuinely believe we have that group and the capabilities to do that.

“In terms of me, I’ve got absolutely no plans (of moving) at all. I want to finish my career here – another 3-5 years here would be nice.

“There’s obviously always going to be speculation – the only thing you can really do is support (Bailey). We obviously haven’t heard anything, but we’ve got full faith and trust that this is where he wants to be.

“We’re all extremely close, and he’s part of that group. We love him and the strengths he brings both as a person and as a player. He helps compliment all of us.

“I know he loves playing for our footy club, so I’ve got no doubt he will be in the red, white and blue next season and beyond.”