The Western Bulldogs have doubled down on its commitment to having a strong presence in Ballarat in recent months.

The Club’s Ballarat office has expanded going from one permanent staff member to three recently to beef up the Bulldogs’ schools, local football and community programs in the region.

Bulldogs’ Ballarat Engagement Manager Campbell Waring has been joined by Ballarat local Kate Davis in a newly created Ballarat Business Development Manager role, and in the past few weeks another local Gabrielle Hutchins has started a new role with the Western Bulldogs Community Foundation as Ballarat and Community Programs Coordinator. 

Waring has been in his role for nearly five years after taking over from Brett Goodes, which was the first full-time Ballarat appointment by the Club. 

The Engagement Manager role has been critical in developing community and fan development with the Club’s year-long presence in Ballarat for the past eight years.

“It is wonderful to see the expansion of our Ballarat Bulldogs team.  We still have up to 15 casual staff who are employed locally within Ballarat who assist with our school and community programs, but to have Kate and Gabby as newly employed permanent roles is exciting, and shows the success of what the Club is doing in Ballarat,” Waring said.  

The Ballarat Business Development Manager role will see Davis continue to build and nurture existing stakeholder relationships and develop new relationships and commercial opportunities to support Ballarat operations. 

“Working with the Western Bulldogs has given me the opportunity to use all of my skills that I have developed in the past,” Davis said.

“I have worked hard to build the relationships that I have, and to ultimately continue to support Ballarat businesses through a role in such a professional, progressive workplace with the Bulldogs, feels like the perfect fit.”  

The strength of the Western Bulldogs Community Foundation programs within Ballarat has recently seen the creation of Hutchins’ newly formed role. 

Since the inception of the Western Bulldogs partnership with the State Government, as well as the City of Ballarat to play home games in Ballarat, Foundation programs Sons of the West, Daughters of the West, the Youth Leadership Project, and Nallei Jerring Koori Youth Leadership Project, have all been conducted successfully in Ballarat.  

“I am excited to be part of the Western Bulldogs Community Foundation, and the opportunity to be a part of the Ballarat Team,” Hutchins said.

“It has been great to be involved in the youth leadership programs within Ballarat and Ararat as well as the Daughters of the West program within Ballarat.  I am also looking forward to being involved in a wide variety of the Foundation programs and events within the Ballarat region as well as the wider regional area within the west.

The Western Bulldogs acknowledges funding support from the Victorian Government and City of Ballarat, which provides for Sport Development and Community Engagement programs in Ballarat.