cohealth's partnership with the Western Bulldogs Community Foundation is one that aligns with one of the community health provider’s core values: making healthcare accessible for everyone, regardless of their postcode or financial position.  

Operating throughout the west and north of Melbourne, cohealth strives to deliver health and support services in communities where people live. This means that people get access to the support they need when and where they need it. A major benefit of community health is that it reduces the need for people to go to hospitals and other acute health settings, as they have access to accessible, preventative healthcare.  

As well as providing services to communities in Melbourne’s west and north, cohealth works with people who face barriers to healthcare, and uses its voice to advocate for health equity for all. This commitment to health equity is something that is shared by the Western Bulldogs Community Foundation.   

“Sharing our values of diversity and social inclusion, the Western Bulldogs are more than just a footy club, just like we are more than just a health service,” said cohealth’s Chief Executive Nicole Bartholomeusz.  

“It feels like a natural progression for a sporting club and a community health service to be working together to improve the health and wellbeing of people living in the west." 

Both the Sons of the West and Daughters of the West programs have allowed cohealth to work alongside WBCF to help residents of Melbourne’s west get empowered and informed about their health. Equipping participants with knowledge and tools to enhance their health has been very fulfilling for the cohealth staff who have participated in the programs, because they know that when community members have access to resources and information, they are able to take ownership of their own health.

Throughout the programs, cohealth staff have spoken to participants about a wide range of health and wellbeing topics. Our Brimbank Mental Health and Wellbeing Local team spoke about mental health fitness, our team of dietitians did a nutrition presentation and our exercise physioligists ran an exercise program. Staff have also been able provide pathways into cohealth services or other local health and wellbeing services.  

Holly, a recently graduated Daughters of the West participant has spoken of the impact the program had on her.  

“It was exactly what I needed,” she says. “There were really nice connections created quickly in our group, as everyone built each other up right from the beginning.” 

Another recent graduate spoke of their experience with the program.  

“I was delighted to learn the incredible information and experience the amazing exercise program on offer. The way the facilitators delivered the program strengthened my confidence, inspiring me to try a wider range of exercises that I didn’t think I could do before!” 

Getting to see and hear the impact these programs have had on the lives of participants has been really wonderful for everyone at cohealth, and we look forward to continuing this work. We’re proud to partner with the Western Bulldogs Community Foundation to support communities in the west.  

You can find out more about cohealth on their website.