Photos: Eleanor Jeanne Photography

Rory Lobb
13 disposals, nine marks, 24 hit-outs, four goals

“Lobby came back with a really good attitude, obviously missing out on AFL selection was disappointing for himself, but he was a real focal point up forward particularly in the first half. We really needed his presence around the ball later on, with their ruck getting on top a little bit, so he went up for the ball and had a really good impact. He only finished with four goals but probably could’ve kicked six or seven really if a couple more of those marks stuck – but his aerial presence was very good.”


Charlie Clarke
17 disposals, three marks, three tackles, one goal

“Charlie was good – some of his pattern stuff as a small forward is getting better each week. He was really clean with the drop of ball, and there was some stuff in the vision where he was just really clean with his disposals. In terms of composure with ball in hand - that’s probably the one thing for him to continue to work on - but his attitude throughout the whole game was really good. He only kicked one goal but probably passed off a couple of opportunities – it’d be nice reward for effort if he kept hitting the scoreboard each week.”

Jack Macrae
46 disposals, seven marks, five tackles, 16 clearances

“I think Jacko’s attitude over the last three to four weeks has been pretty amazing, obviously missing out AFL selection for the last couple of weeks. To have 46 disposals - his impact on the game was great; he brings guys along with him. His stoppage stuff was pretty awesome too – he probably should’ve kicked a goal which would’ve been a nice top-off. For the younger guys to play with him too, particularly the VFL guys playing with someone of his experience being a former vice captain of the footy club – it just makes a big difference. His impact on the game is incredible, really.”


Taylor Duryea
25 disposals, nine marks, three clearances

“Doc has put a few good weeks together. His aerial stuff in the back-half - he plays that game really solidly, in terms of being the spare and being able to impact, and not only take care of his man, but help other guys around him. His clear organisation out there - there's no surprise he's played the amount of footy he has. He's very influential out there and getting involved more in the offensive side of his game as well, which is which is a positive. It was a really solid game from Doc. He had a huge impact, particularly in the second and third quarters when GWS started to get on top.”

Dom Bedendo
Nine disposals, two marks, one goal

“Dom was a bit quieter this week, as opposed to last week in terms of the scoreboard impact. I think he just needs to keep competing really hard for the ball - he'll get reward off the back of that. Getting to as many contests as he can is his big focus, and continuing just to keep the positive attitude in terms of being able to show up to a lot of contests. When he goes, things sort of happen around him, so he just needs consistency with that. He's not far away from consistently putting that together.”

Joel Freijah
24 disposals, four marks, two clearances

“It was quite an offensive game from Joel. We sort of changed his role a little bit - he's become a defender in the last couple of weeks, so he’s still just learning that. He played a little bit deeper this week just to get to more aerial and ground contests - he's still got a little bit of growth in that area, but was good. He put himself in good positions to be able to receive the ball, and he's going at the game better with his disposals – particularly his kicking. We'll still just continue to work on the defensive side, but there's some positive signs there. He seems to be enjoying the role down back.” 

Arthur Jones
12 disposals, three marks, two clearances, one goal

“Arty was good. He played forward for majority of the game, but needed to pinch in on the wing with Scotty, Bakes and Poults going out. He had some good moments on the wing in terms of being clean with the ball below his knees – that’s something he needs to be more consistent with – but as a small forward you don’t always get many opportunities. If you can be clean every time, you’ll hit the scoreboard more, but I thought it was a step in the right direction. He’s continuing to build confidence from the double-shoulder surgery that he had in the offseason and he's only played a few games back from that.”

Luke Cleary
21 disposals, four marks, three tackles

“Clizz had some nice possession gain efforts - his offensive side of things is pretty good. I've worked with him over the last little while just to be more dominant as an aerial focus for him. We want to make sure that when he gets the opportunity to go and hit the ball, he either hits body or the ball - so we’re just still working on that consistency. When he does it, he does it really well. With the ball in hand, sometimes he rushes or is indecisive, but when he uses the first option and pulls the trigger on it, he looks really good. We just need to get that a little bit more from him as well.”

Riley Garcia
41 disposals, seven marks, eight tackles, two goals

“Sunny was very impressive. Him and Jacko obviously ran the middle – to end up with 41 disposals and then kick a couple as well was really good. His clearance stuff was awesome, as was his ability to get from inside the contest to outside. That’s been a standard of his game in the last couple of weeks – just from the inside of the contest to then get some metres going with his possessions. Kicking two goals in a minute, he had a really good patch and seems to be putting together some really good footy.”

Lachie Smith
11 disposals, three tackles, 19 hit-outs

“Lachie was up against a really bigger body in GWS’ ruck, so it took him a little while to figure out the best way to compete. To end up with 19 hit-outs is really positive for him. His follow up work is something that's really good - obviously coming from the basketball background he's got, he stays involved in the contest when the ball hits the ground and stays around it whereas a lot of other young ruckmen would just leave. He got in good spots to take marks a lot but it's just finishing – that’d be the final polish on his game. Continuing to work on the forward stuff and be a focal point for us up there – like Lobby was with that real trust to kick to him – Lachie is getting there. You look at him and forget he’s only 18, but is improving each week."

Alex Keath
16 disposals, four marks

“Chief was good. I think he was on unrestricted minutes for the first time this game, so he’s still building his base there. You can tell his played a lot of footy, but we’re still just working on the aerial stuff. I think it's a big focus for all the guys that play back there, to just make sure we're spoiling the ball and making a real focus there because it can be as good as an intercept mark, but his team-first stuff is awesome. He puts on lots of blocks, and does a lot of grounding work to allow other guys to have access to the ball. His ability to do that and get others involved is pretty good.”