Jedd Busslinger
21 disposals, seven marks

“Jedd had a pretty strong day. He got a fair bit of the ball offensively, which was nice for a big unit to be running off half-back and continuing to develop his back craft against the bigger key position players. It's a pretty positive performance from Jedd.”

Rory Lobb
15 disposals, seven marks, four tackles, 20 hit-outs, five goals

“For the second week in a row Rory’s had another big impact on the game. He had seven shots at goal and kicked three from the ruck which was a positive for him. He was pretty influential on the day in getting the result for us, and continuing to dominate in the air at VFL level.”

Charlie Clarke
12 disposals, four tackles, two goals

“Chook had a really strong game. He kicked a couple goals, put a lot of pressure on as a small forward and ran really strongly throughout the day. He performed really well - that's a couple of weeks in a row now he’s started to string some pretty positive performances together.”

Jordan Croft
10 disposals, two marks

“It was Crofty’s first game for Footscray, so it was nice to see him out there and in colours that he's grown up barracking for his whole life. He had a really long pre-season obviously - being injured in the back end of the pre-season - but he was really good. He played sort of limited minutes which will look to increase over the next few weeks, but he was solid in his first game for the club.”


James O’Donnell
15 disposals, seven marks, two clearances

“JOD was good – it felt like he got better throughout the game the longer it went on. He performed really strongly in the back end, and obviously coming off some interrupted weeks, will look to continue to get some continuity in his football as he pushes for AFL selection.”

James Harmes
33 disposals, eight marks, five tackles, six clearances, one goal

“James is probably looking forward to playing some other opposition now - having played both of his former sides in his first two games for the football club – but he was really strong and responded really well. It’s obviously disappointing for him on the back of a suspension, but he was critical in us getting the result. He had a lot of the ball and brought his teammates into the game too.”

Dom Bedendo
Eight disposals, two marks, one goal

“Dom played majority wing this week, after spending a bit more time forward in the previous sort of 3-4 weeks. He played the wing role really well - didn't have a heap of the ball, but his impact on the game was quite strong. He managed to kick a goal too, which is nice for a wingman.”

Joel Freijah
23 disposals, seven marks, one clearance

“Joel’s spent the last 3-4 weeks at half back and is building his game nicely from there. He got a number of possessions off half-back and has been able to do that the last few weeks. He's continuing to work on his defensive craft – but for someone who hasn’t spent a lot of time down there, is developing nicely as a defender.”

Anthony Scott
20 disposals, five marks, four clearances

“Scotty was pretty solid. He’s also had a bit of an interrupted period, having one game on and one game off, so he's looking for some continuity in his game. He was solid on the wing though and hopefully can string a couple of games together now.”

Lachie McNeil
15 disposals, four marks, two clearances

“Lachie played mostly forward and ran really well throughout the game. He didn’t play last week as the carry-over emergency, so it was good for him to get a game back into his legs. He’ll take some confidence in the fact that he was able to play a full game and have a solid impact too.”

Arthur Jones
Seven disposals, four marks, two goals

“Arty was quite lively with two goals. His pressure was good, and he had a couple of nice chase-down tackles. We’re just looking for him to probably get in the game a bit more throughout the four quarters moving forward.”

Luke Cleary
18 disposals, six marks, two tackles

“Luke played a really strong game in the back-line. He was quite good defensively – he won the ball back from the opposition a lot and used it really well. His sort of run and bounce out of the back-line was really positive for us this week. He’s been good the last couple of weeks.”

Riley Garcia
31 disposals, seven marks, six tackles, seven clearances, one goal

“Sunny’s put together a good 3-4 weeks now really. He’s been consistent and again had a lot of ball playing through the midfield. His clearance work and contest work was really strong and he finished off the game really well – his last quarter especially helped us get over the line.”

Lachie Smith
Eight disposals, two marks, four tackles, two clearances, 23 hit-outs

“Lachie shared ruck duties with Lobby – to come up against some young Melbourne ruckmen who were really competitive meant he had a good battle on his hands. Like some of our other younger players who have had full pre-seasons and played a lot of footy already, I think Lachie will benefit having this next week off and will be looking forward to a rest. He’ll be pretty fresh for the next game.”

Alex Keath
19 disposals, four marks

“Keathy was solid – he’s been building over the last few weeks and has been on managed minutes but is building quite nicely. He's been leading the young group quite well down there. He had another strong game and defended really well. He’ll keep looking to build on his last month as he pushes for AFL selection.”