The 2024 WBCF Youth Leadership Project Camp unfolded over two action-packed days in April, bringing participants together for a flurry of team-building and group-bonding exercises.

Nestled within the serene surroundings of YMCA Lady Northcote, in Glenmore, VIC, the air was thick with anticipation as the buses rolled in on the first morning of camp, soon replaced with the nervously energetic energy of the teenage cohort.

Icebreaker activities begun the mingling process for the young people who had travelled from across Melbourne’s Inner-West, Melton, Moorabool and Ballarat regions to join the camp. As the participants filled out their bingo sheets, they learnt a little bit more about their peers and begun to lay the foundations for friendships to grow.

The young people were then treated to a get-to-know-you session with the Foundation’s Major Partner, Worksafe Victoria. Young workers are at a higher risk of workplace exploitation and danger, so it was an important chance for Senior WorkSafe Inspector, Courtney, to explain the rights in the workplace that these young people have, and the role they play in creating a safer, fairer workplace for all.

As the camp progressed, the camp thrived on energy and enthusiasm. A series of rotation activities challenged the participants both physically and mentally. Whether it was navigating the High Ropes course, soaring through the air on the Giant Swing, or engaging in a teaser-taste of what’s to come over the 10-session program. Each activity was a lesson in courage, trust, and perseverance.

Beyond the adrenaline-fueled adventures, the camp also took a softer approach to nurturing the fertile ground for future leaders. The introduction to the Youth Leadership Project was a significant milestone, inviting the young people to embark on a path of self-discovery, empowerment, and service. Through interactive discussions and reflective exercises, participants were encouraged to explore their potential, understand their strengths, and begin to envision their roles as catalysts for positive change in their communities.

As the camp drew to a close, the sense of accomplishment and newfound confidence among the participants was palpable. The challenges they faced, the friendships they formed, and the leadership skills they began to develop were interwoven into their collective experience, leaving an indelible mark on their young minds.

The 2024 WBCF YLP Camp was not just an event in the lives of the young people; it was the beginning of a journey towards becoming insightful, compassionate, and dynamic leaders of tomorrow!

The Youth Leadership Project is made possible through the support of WorkSafe Victoria, Plenary Health, People’s Choice, the City of Ballarat, Moorabool Shire and Melton City Council.