Jedd Busslinger
14 disposals, six marks

It was a good game from Jeddy – he’s building some good consistency. The backs had a pretty good day down there at Williamstown and Jedd was pretty solid. He probably didn't get as much of the ball he’s had over the previous few weeks, but is certainly defending well and building some strong foundations in his game.

Charlie Clarke
10 disposals, five marks, nine tackles, two goals

Charlie's pressure has been a highlight of his game over the last few weeks. Another nine tackles is great for a small forward. We needed him to work up the ground and put on plenty of pressure, and then in the back end of the game, he managed to hit the scoreboard with a couple of goals in the last quarter.


Oskar Baker
13 disposals, two marks, one clearance

Bakes back into the team – it was a tough day for wingers down at Williamstown being such a small ground, but he played a pretty good role for us on the wing running patterns and got back to support the defence too. It was a low possession game all round for everyone, so his numbers don't look that strong, but he was certainly a solid contributor on the day.

Jordan Croft
Five disposals, two marks

Crofty played forward this week. He's been spending majority of the time down back, but we needed a tall target up forward. He started really well and gave us a good target – again, didn't have a lot of possessions, but gave us a good contest. He’s developing nicely as a young player and will spend time either forward or back in the coming weeks.

Caleb Poulter
18 disposals, three marks, one clearance

Poults had a good game again – he was another wingman who got up and down the ground, and played his role quite well. He got enough of the ball and used the ball pretty well. It's been a highlight of his game over the last few weeks - the way he's been using the ball. We would’ve liked him to have got forward and kick a goal – he had a couple of opportunities in the forward half of the game, but got back and supported his defence.

Dom Bedendo
11 disposals, five marks, two goals

Dom had a reasonable game. He obviously kicked a couple of goals – he could have probably kicked another couple as well - but he's been giving us a nice target up forward. We asked him to play a little bit of a role on one of their players who was marking the ball and intercepting quite well, so he was able to go there and quell that player’s influence after quarter-time.

Photo: Eleanor Jeanne Photography

Joel Freijah
18 disposals, 10 marks, one goal

Joel's been building quite nicely. It was really good performance for him. He’s started to mark the ball and intercept the ball from the back half, which is a good sign for him. He's been working on his marking a lot throughout the week, and this week he managed to hold onto a couple. He kicked his first VFL goal this week, which was nice to see the boys get around him.

Anthony Scott
16 disposals, two marks, three clearances, one goal

Scotty was another to play through the wing and played the role pretty well. He got up and down the ground and ran really well for us. He's been carrying a few little ankle niggles, so it’d be nice for him to get a clean run at it, but he played a pretty solid game. He got enough of the ball and helped his team score and defend, which was good.

Lachie McNeil
18 disposals, five marks, four tackles, one goal

Lachie’s been getting a lot of shots on goal - he just hasn't been able to make the most of his opportunities. He’s probably had 10 to 12 shots over the last few weeks and only managed to kick a couple so he's getting into the right spots. He's playing his role really well, but just needs to finish the job.

Arthur Jones
Six disposals, one clearance

Arty is working really hard. It was a tough day for small forwards on a small ground. He's trying to work really hard to get into open space and create some options for himself. He’s certainly working hard but we’d just like to get more impact from him.

Caleb Daniel
20 disposals, one mark, three tackles, one goal

CD was really strong - his leadership was good.  Being the quality of player he is, clearly helped us down back – in particular his ball use from the back half which gave us a good opportunity to rebound. He was a key piece to the reason why we won again.


Luke Cleary
16 disposals, seven marks

Clizz is going really well – he’s another one who is building some really good form. Our back-line had a really strong game against Williamstown and kept them to a pretty low score, so would have liked to have probably taken the last two goals off that they kicked late, but the backs really stood up. Clizz was one of those guys who's been building some really strong form down there.

Alex Keath
12 disposals, five marks, one tackle

Keathy was really strong - he actually got voted as the players’ player this week. He set the tone early and played a really good intercepting game which helped his teammates in defence. He was another one of those defenders who really stood up for us.

Ryan Gardner
13 disposals, one mark, five tackles, five clearances, 17 hit-outs

It’s probably not the game you'd expect from Gardy. That's two weeks in a row we've had to have him play a bit of ruck time. He’s competing and been really aggressive - his teammates have been feeding off that too so it’s been a selfless role. His number one position is obviously back, and we'll look to get him back there as soon as we can, but just for player availabilities have had to play him in the ruck position. To be honest, he's been one of our better players over the last two weeks, so he's done a good job.