Jedd Busslinger
15 disposals, three marks

The backline was under a bit of pressure and probably had a bit of a different look than they've had the last few weeks, so Jedd did well. He's probably the guy who's been the most constant down there – he led the troops this week and had another solid performance while still getting enough of the ball as a key back. He’s still working on his offensive stuff, but is going pretty well at the moment.

Rory Lobb
21 disposals, nine marks, five clearances, 28 hit-outs, four goals

Yeah. Lobby had great impact on the game, both in the ruck and up forward mostly in the second half. He started the game reasonably well, but definitely the back half of the game was where he helped us get over the line. He competed really well, and obviously being a big man took a lot of marks. He had a good day. 


Charlie Clarke
17 disposals, five tackles, three goals

Charlie was very busy. He got enough of the ball as a small forward and had some shots on goal. What's been really good from Charlie is his pressure as a forward - he had some really good moments again this week. His energy is really contagious and the boys feed off that. It’s obviously disappointing for him to come back after one week in in the seniors, but his attitude was really good and he bounced back well.

Ryley Sanders
42 disposals, eight tackles, 12 clearances, one goal

Ryley was really prolific through the midfield. It was good to see him hone in on his skills in that area of the game – his contest, pressure and a lot of clearance work. He’s been really good in that phase of the game. He was strong and managed to hit the scoreboard, which was nice and something we've been working on him with. He’s continuing to develop some other parts of his game, which he’s improving in, but it was overall a good performance for him and is putting his hand up for senior selection again.


Oskar Baker
21 disposals, three marks

Bakes has probably been a bit quieter over the last couple of weeks, but really bounced back this week. Being a really small ground, it was quite a contested game, but Bakes was probably the one who stood out with his run and carry with the ball. He was able to get good territory (off the back of that) and use the ball pretty well, so it’s part of his game that we love.

Jordan Croft
Six disposals, three marks

Crofty has been playing forward for us from a needs point of view because we really needed a tall in front of the ball. He just really competes all day and is building his game off his contest. He's not a real big lad yet - he's still building a bit of body – but he just threw himself at the contest and was part of a few scoring opportunities. He’s playing a good role for us.

Buku Khamis
11 disposals, four marks, four tackles, four goals

Off the back of coming out of the team, Buku was good. He started back for us, but we weren't getting much bang for our buck up forward, so needed to try and change a few things. Buks went forward for us, which he's been able to do previously at AFL and VFL level, and he was able to hit the scoreboard with four goals. It was a great attitude from him – clearly he wants to perform well as a back so he can get back in the AFL team, but from a needs point of view for the team he went forward and played a really solid game. He was one of the reasons why we got up in the end. I think he’ll continue to play back, but it’s good to know we can use him up forward too.

 Caleb Poulter
18 disposals, three marks, seven clearances

Poults had a reasonable day with his wing patterns and his ability to go up and down the ground is always strong for us. He probably didn't use the ball as well as he normally does, but he’s continuing to work on that. His running really helps us, and he’ll continue to build and hopefully push for senior selection over the next few weeks.

 Dom Bedendo
10 disposals, five marks, two tackles

Dom started forward, but with the need to bring Buku forward we pushed Dom back in the backend of the second quarter, and he did a reasonable job there. He competed really well – I don’t think he’s played there at all, so it’s a positive sign he was able to go back and compete and win the ball back from the opposition at times. It was a good change for him – I’m not sure what it looks like moving forward, but it was good that he was able to adapt during the game.


Anthony Scott
22 disposals, five tackles, five clearances

Scotty had a really good game, particularly in the second half - he started forward and through the wing, and then we moved him into the midfield, and he gave us real driving energy through there. He managed to get some clearances for us, and a lot of those were from centre bounce. It was another reason why in the second half we were able to get on top of Richmond. He’s been building (the last two weeks) but hasn’t had a lot of continuity in his footy before then, so if he keeps playing like this, he’ll put his hand up for a senior spot.

Lachie McNeil
13 disposals, four marks

Lachie’s work rate as a small forward is always high. He’s been clean with his possessions. It was a high-pressure game, and Lachie was one of the guys for us to put on good pressure, so he's continuing to play those roles really well. He’d probably like to hit the scoreboard a few more times - he didn't really have that many opportunities on the weekend, but he's continuing to turn up. He played a little bit of the wing late, which is something that he's adding to his game, and he does really well too.

Arthur Jones
15 disposals, three tackles, two goals

Arty’s pressure work as a small forward was high. With those guys working well together – Arty Charlie and Lachie – he had a few shots on goal and could have kicked a few more. If he’d kicked those, he could’ve had a really, really good day from a small forward point of view, but his contest and want to throw himself at it has been really positive.

Caleb Daniel
26 disposals, 14 tackles, 10 clearances

CD had a massive influence on the game, really on both sides of the on the ball. His ability to use the ball and find the ball was really important for us, but also his defensive actions. To have 14 tackles, 10 clearances and put on a lot of pressure, plus his want to help his teammates – he’s been really impressive. Clearly he wants to play senior football at the moment, but while he’s been playing for Footscray his leadership in helping the young guys down there, as well as performing to a strong level himself has been great.

Lachie Smith
12 disposals, five tackles, 25 hit-outs, two goals

From a big man point of view, Lachie had a really strong day. He set the tone early – we weren't playing that well, but Lachie was probably one of the ones who was playing really good footy for us. It was his competitiveness in his effort, and his follow-up in the ruck which was really positive for us. He’s still building his game around the edges of the ruck and the combative side of the game, which he does really well, and he's starting to grow in the open field. He's had a good attitude and wants to improve. He's been really impressive and he's starting to build some good form.

Ryan Gardner
14 disposals, eight marks

Gardy has been able to settle down back a little bit more the last few weeks, and is starting to get some confidence back in his game. He had some good contest opportunities and is still probably finding his feet with the ball in the air, but taking some good marks. He’s probably not making the most of some of his opportunities, but he’s working really hard. It's good that he's been able to be out there more consistently and play down back more. He’s sort of building his game from there, so over the next few weeks would be good to see him continue to improve.