The Western Bulldogs are optimistic that veteran defender Dale Morris can make a return to football during the latter half of this AFL season, after ticking some early boxes during his recovery from an ACL injury. 

After suffering a left knee ACL injury during pre-season training, Morris avoided surgery, instead taking a conservative approach to his rehabilitation. 

Western Bulldogs Medical Services Manager Chris Bell said that Morris is making great progress in his recovery.

“Dale’s back running outside and completing an intensive block of strength training,” Bell said. 

“We remain optimistic that he’s going to make a return in the second half of the season.” 

Defender Matthew Suckling looks likely to face Brisbane at Mars Stadium next week, after making strong progress following a groin injury he sustained at training two weeks ago. 

Meanwhile, Lin Jong has recovered well from surgery to repair a burst appendix. 

“From last week, Lin Jong developed some abdominal pain on Tuesday.  He was taken to hospital where they found a burst appendix,” Bell said.

“He did require some surgery, but the surgery went really well.  He’s back at the Club this week and is in good spirits.

“He’s currently planning to resume some running on Thursday, and we’d expect that he’ll miss the next 2-3 weeks.”

PlayerInjury Duration 
Matt Sucklinggroin2-4 weeks
Lin Jongappendix2-3 weeks
Fergus Greeneankle3-5 weeks
Taylor Duryeahip4-6 weeks
Dale Morrisknee6-8 weeks

* Injury list updated on Monday 29 April, 2019