How did the AFL players perform in Sunday’s draw with Box Hill?



Tory Dickson

Three goals, 19 disposals, eight marks

Josh Schache

Two goals, 13 disposals, five marks

Bailey Williams

31 disposals, nine marks, ten rebound 50’s

Lukas Webb

One goal, 23 disposals, five marks

Laitham Vandermeer

22 disposals, seven marks, six inside 50’s

Pat Lipinski

18 disposals, nine marks, five tackles

Bailey Dale

One goal, 18 disposals, four inside 50’s

Roarke Smith

14 disposals, eight marks, one tackle

Lewis Young

12 disposals, 12 hit outs, eight marks

Callum Porter

Eight disposals, two marks, two tackles

Rhylee West

Eight disposals, one mark, one tackle

Brad Lynch

Seven disposals, three marks, two tackles

Tom Boyd

One goal, 13 hit outs, two marks

Buku Khamis

Seven disposals, two marks, one tackle

Josh Prudden and Kyle Dunkley were among the best performed VFL players



Josh Prudden

21 disposals, two marks, three inside 50’s

Kyle Dunkley

Three goals, two marks, two tackles