Western Bulldogs Community Foundation partner, CDC Victoria conducted a workshop with the Club’s Leadership Project participants at their Albion bus depot.

CDC Victoria have been a partner of the Leadership Project since its creation prior to the 2013 season. 

The purpose of the session is for the participants to each graffiti a bus, before undertaking the process of cleaning to remove all of their tags on the bus. 

The session helps to provide the participants with a unique perspective on the lengthy process that is required in order to clean the buses, whilst also highlighting the impact that such an action can cause.

Western Bulldogs players Aaron Naughton and Hayden Crozier attended the session, assisting the students in tagging and cleaning the bus. 

Second year player Aaron Naughton spoke the Leadership Project students about the importance of contributing positively to the community, as a young leader.

“Bus drivers are just trying to do their job and provide each of you with a service, while earning a living” Naughton said.

It is never okay to attack someone who’s just doing their job and they shouldn’t have to feel unsafe at work. Abusive behaviour is never acceptable, so please respect your driver.”