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On the record with: Tom Liberatore

Libba answers all of life's big questions in this week's edition of On the record.

Nickname: Libba

What was your best break in life: Play lunch

Best piece of advice your mother gave you: Use chilli when cooking

Do you have a saying or motto that you live your life by: Do me a flavour

If you could ask someone to be your mentor who would it be: Lionel Hutz (The Simpsons)

Morning or evening person: Evening

Favourite footy journalist: Martin Flanagan

Favourite TV caller/commentator: David ‘Bumble’ Lloyd

Worst injury: ACL

How many text messages do you send a day: None, I receive thousands

Favourite twitter account you follow: The Grade Cricketer

Most embarrassing song in your iTunes: Hilltop Hoods

Best concert you’ve been to: Justin Bieber

Where did you holiday after last season: Europe

What sport would you like to compete in at the 2016 Olympics: Curling

Can you change a spare tyre: Yes but no.

Do you iron your own shirts: Yes

Favourite restaurant: Mum’s house

Do you believe in UFOs: Oh no

What three items would you take to a desert island: Pet monkey, Popeyes chicken, Congress tarts

Any special hobbies or interests: Eating tomato sauce

Three famous people you’d like to meet: DJ Kolsch and music groups Dusky and andhim.

What do you have that is of great value to you but one else: My housemate.

Whitten Project launches in Ballarat

The Club's Youth leadership program has ben embraced by the young people of Ballarat.
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