Did you know that since 2010, the Western Bulldogs have had 10,000 people let their membership lapse?

That’s 10,000 Bulldogs that were once signed-up, but have not been a member since.

With momentum building towards round one, the Club has put the call-out to all Lost Bulldogs to return to the Kennel.

LOST BULLDOGS: Play your part in bringing our Lost Bulldogs back to the Kennel, click here to visit lostbulldogs.com.au

Membership is currently tracking 23 percent ahead of this time last year - the equivalent to 5000 members – and on the back of a breakout 2015 season, there is evidently no better time to be more Bulldog.

To ensure these Lost Bulldogs find their way home, the Club has launched a dedicated campaign to return former members back to the Kennel.

You may have seen the rock posters, or the personalised videos (if not, click play above), but the search party has gone out to bring the Lost Bulldogs home.

If you know a Lost Bulldog, you can play your part to bring them home, and direct them to lostbulldogs.com.au.

You can also head to lostbulldogs.com.au to create a personalised Lost Bulldog video and poster to share with your friends and families, or post on social media, to make sure they’re a part of the Bulldog pack for season 2016.

For more information on the Lost Bulldogs campaign, or to re-sign as a Western Bulldogs member for the 2016 season, call 1300 GO DOGS (46 36 47).