Vice-captain Marcus Bontempelli has praised the impact of fellow leader Lachie Hunter, as someone who has been able to help the Western Bulldogs seize the ascendancy in games.

The Bulldogs have won their past two matches, having been able to take control of key moments against Richmond and the Brisbane Lions in the past fortnight

Bontempelli, speaking on RSN Breakfast Club this morning, said Hunter was having an influence. 

“There’s one player in particular who’s been really valuable for us from an on-field coaching and understanding of the game perspective, and that’s Lachie Hunter,” Bontempelli said.

“He’s an incredible reader of the game.


“He’s really valuable to us on the field, because from the wing you can sort of see everything.

“You can look left and see the forwards, you can look right and see the defenders, and obviously inside the stoppage but you’re outside and can see the game pretty well. 

“He’s incredible for us from his ability to know the game plan, and especially the shifts, and helping others to set up accordingly.”

The Bulldogs were able to turn the momentum in their favour late in the second term against the Lions – kicking the last three goals of the term, including Aaron Naughton’s goal on the siren which gave them a narrow half-time lead. 


From there, the Bulldogs had 12 scoring shots to three in the third term, as they wrestled the ascendancy. 

Bontempelli said it had been pleasing that a number of tactical adjustments had enabled them to get an edge.

“Often, teams will have a Plan A, a Plan B and a Plan C based on what we want to do, and if they play a particular way then how we’ll change off the back of it to get an advantage,” he said.

“It’s always about whatever we can do to help put the other team in a difficult position, and make them play out of their comfort zone in a different way.”