Entering his eleventh season in Bulldogs colours, Dale Morris would be forgiven for feeling a little wearied ahead of the 2015 season.

However the veteran defender says the recent off-season changes at the Club have re-energised him once again.

“It’s exciting going to training, going to work, it’s something new and everyone’s embracing everything’s Bevo’s (Luke Beveridge) coming out with.

“We’re applying it out on the track and the boys are just soaking it up and loving it at the moment,” Morris said on Thursday speaking with 3AW.

Morris praised the influence Beveridge has had on the Club, and his ability to instil courage in his players in only a few months.

“I think it’ll be a game plan that is going to be… taking it on a bit more.

“You need a game plan with an element of risk in it, but the risks that are involved need to be well planned.

“We need to train it out on the track and that’s what we’re doing, so what we do could seem a little bit risky, but there’s definitely a method to the madness that’s for sure.”

Morris said he looked forward to the opportunity the new game plan would give to his individual game.

“Everyone’s going to be involved in moving the footy… and me included, who’s probably more of a lock down defender as such.”

Although not promising immediate success, Morris was optimistic about the future for the Bulldogs young group, including that of recruit Tom Boyd.

“It’s going to take patience, it’s going to take time, he’s (Boyd) going to develop and learn how to play with a great bunch of young guys all around him.

“And that’s the exciting thing for the future, is that all these guys are going to basically grow up together, and the team is going to benefit from that for years to come.

For 32-year-old Morris, he hopes he is still about to enjoy those benefits in the not too distant future.

Dale Morris requires just seven senior games to reach his 200 game milestone in the 2015 season.