It’s a small – but important – phrase that Sons of the West participants are being encouraged to make a part of their vernacular.

Gender equity is a major challenge within the community.

The Western Bulldogs Community Foundation is helping to tackle that challenge head-on, in collaboration with Nirodah, as part of the Sons of the West program.

This year, two weeks of the ten-week program are dedicated to talking about gender equity, healthy masculinity and the prevention of violence against women.

The two-week focus sees a ‘Change Maker’ session – highlighting the issue of violence against women and its impact – followed by and ‘Upstander’ session – asking men to look at scenarios involving gender equity, and how they can have an impact in those situations.

It’s a way to deliver the information directly to men who have the ability to make change in their local communities.

Nirodah’s team of expert speakers are helping to drive that change.

Violence against women is an issue for everyone to stand up against.

And it starts by speaking up when something isn’t right – as simple as saying, ‘mate, that’s not cool’.

It can be overwhelming and intimidating to call out a peer, partner or co-worker on their behaviour.

But, without calling it out, does it become accepted?

It’s a simple way to shut down the behaviour and help people see the impact of what they are saying.

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