1. Favourite player growing up?

Josh Kennedy (West Coast)

2. Favourite sportsperson (any sport)?

Lebron James

3. Favourite TV series/movie?

The Office (U.S.)

4. Who is your biggest role model?

My parents

5. Go-to Uber Eats order?

Mie goreng

6. Go-to coffee order?

I don't drink coffee - so maybe a juice or smoothie

7. Best moment from draft night/first days as a Bulldog?

Seeing the smiles on my parents' faces when my name got called out

8. Who are you most excited to play with?

Aaron Naughton

9. Biggest pet peeve?

When you're driving and people don't wave (to say thanks)

10. If you weren’t playing footy, what would you be doing?

Studying to become a sports teacher

12. Do you have any hidden talents?

I'm pretty good at Fortnite