A Supreme Court jury has ruled against the Western Bulldogs on the grounds of negligence in a legal case concerning historical abuse in the 1980s.

Separate claims for vicarious liability, aggravated damages and exemplary damages were dismissed by the judge.  While the Club firmly believes it did not breach any duty of care owed to the plaintiff, Mr Adam Kneale, a jury determined otherwise.

The Club was ordered to pay damages of $5,943,151 to Mr Kneale, inclusive of general damages and damages for economic loss.

The Club will appeal this jury verdict as expeditiously as possible.  Pending the appeal, the Club will have no further comment to make.

The abuse against Mr Kneale was the subject of a criminal investigation by Victoria Police and relevant authorities in the early 1990s, resulting in several charges being laid, a criminal conviction being sustained, and a subsequent jail sentence being served by the offender.

The Club reiterates its sorrow at the suffering endured by Mr Kneale at the time and acknowledges the pain which he continues to carry as a result of the trauma he has experienced.