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Kearney closes in on AFLCA lead

AFLW Highlights | Bulldogs v Adelaide Take a look at the highlights from AFLW round 3 against Adelaide.

Western Bulldogs midfielder Emma Kearney is in second place on the Shadforth Financial Group AFLCA AFLW Champion Player of the Year leaderboard after three rounds, picking up four votes in Saturday’s loss to Adelaide.

Kearney sits on 17 votes just one vote shy of Melbourne captain Daisy Pearce. Ellie Blackburn is equal fourth place on 13 votes.

Kearney racked up 20 disposals and a goal against the Crows while fellow midfielder, Blackburn, gathered 17 disposals.

Every round, the AFLW coaches vote for the best players from their game. The coaches vote for five players, giving them a mark from 1-5.

The maximum a player can score is 10 (with five votes from both coaches).

Votes: Western Bulldogs v Adelaide

10 Phillips (ADEL), 7 Randall (ADEL), 4 KEARNEY (WB), 4 MARINOFF (ADEL), 3 BLACKBURN (WB), 2 CONTI (WB)


18 Daisy Pearce (MELB)
17 Emma Kearney (WB)
17 Chelsea Randall (ADEL)
13 Ebony Antonio (FREM)
13 Ellie Blackburn (WB)
13 Brianna Davey (CARL)
13 Kara Donnellan (FREM)
12 Kate Lutkins (BRIS)
12 Chloe Molloy (COLL)
11 Dana Hooker (FREM)