Western Bulldogs defender Matt Suckling looks likely to return to football this weekend, after sustaining a groin injury during a training session two weeks ago. 

Medical Services Manager Chris Bell said that Suckling has progressed well over the past fortnight.

“Matt has continued to progress really well following his groin injury. He is back into full training this week, and if he ticks the final boxes during the main session on Thursday, he will be available to play this weekend,” Bell said. 

Meanwhile, developing forward Ben Cavarra has sustained a hamstring injury in Sunday’s VFL match at Casey Fields. 

“Ben was sprinting for the footy in the third quarter and when we went to mark the ball, he overstretched and felt a pain in his hamstring,” Bell said.

“On assessment today, Ben has sustained a moderate grade hamstring injury. We will go through our process this week to determine how many weeks Ben will be on the sidelines for.”

PlayerInjury Duration 
Ben CavarrahamstringTBC
Matt Sucklinggrointest
Lin Jongappendix1-2 weeks
Fergus Greeneankle2-4 weeks
Taylor Duryeahip4-6 weeks
Dale Morrisknee4-6 weeks

* Injury list updated on Monday 6 May, 2019